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Trusted ocean freight forwarder and exporter, specializing in agricultural and heavy-duty machinery. Expert services in inland transportation, container packing, machinery dismantling, storage, and export logistics

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At Meridian Freight Inc., we pride ourselves on our decade-long track record of delivering excellence in machinery export and logistics. Our commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions has earned us the trust of clients worldwide.


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Comprehensive Logistics Solutions for Your Business

Meridian Freight Inc. provides seamless ocean freight forwarding and export services for agricultural and heavy-duty machinery. Our facility in Albion, IA, offers complete or partial disassembly, container loading, and quarantine-compliant washing and fumigating.

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Our Services

Expert services in inland transportation, container packing, machinery dismantling, storage, and export logistics

Inland Transportation

Fast and secure delivery within the USA and Canada. Our fleet of trucks ensures timely and efficient transport of your equipment

Container Loading and Packing

Expert handling and packing for all types of machinery. We offer partial or complete disassembly and secure loading to ensure safe transit

Agricultural Machinery and Farm Equipment Dismantling

Specialized in dismantling and packing agricultural machinery. We provide washing and fumigating services for quarantine compliance

Export Logistics

Comprehensive export logistics solutions. We handle everything from documentation to final delivery, ensuring a smooth export process

Storage Services

Secure storage solutions for your equipment. Our warehouses are strategically located to facilitate easy access and safe storage


Delivering Reliable Logistics Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our logistics services to better understand how we can help your business.

Any additional charges incurred during the transit are paid by the buyer. These charges can include customs inspection fees, x-ray fees, port storage charges (in case of vessel delays), and fees related to the terminal’s refusal to accept cargo (e.g., strikes or lack of available space). Additionally, customs may order the cargo to be re-lashed, which also incurs extra charges.

If your cargo is delayed and incurs port storage charges, these charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. Port storage charges can occur if the vessel is delayed for any reason

Storage at the warehouse is free for the first 31 days. After this period, a charge of $25 per day will apply for each additional day your goods remain in storage

We partner with several warehouses capable of loading equipment for us in the following regions: California, Georgia, Illinois, North Dakota, Texas, and Alberta, Canada. This allows us to efficiently manage logistics across these key areas

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From transportation to container loading and equipment dismantling, discover our dedication to delivering top-notch service and ensuring seamless operations for our clients.

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